About us

The strength and main competitive advantage of Limitless Technologies lies in our unique team of experts. We have developed our competencies through years of work at our Salesforce headquarters in San Francisco (USA) and at our European headquarters located in Dublin (Ireland). Years of experience in software development departments – going up the career ladder, from junior programmer to senior manager positions, and managing teams dealing with the development of the Salesforce platform – have provided us with complete knowledge of this system and a deep understanding of the possibilities provided to entrepreneurs by each of the solutions offered.

By establishing Limitless Technologies, we have created a space for entrepreneurs that will enable them to seamlessly step onto the path of digital transformation. We quickly and accurately identify the specifics of a given company, we approach clients’ needs individually and believe that properly implemented technology can elevate the management in every company to a new level.

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Company values


It ain’t only the name! We are a group of extremely ambitious people with a get-things-done attitude. There are limits to what you can do with the technology - we’re here to get the most out of it and provide limitless value for your business.


We feel responsible for creating equitable chances for our team members i.e. equal pay and equal opportunities to learn and grow. Closing the gender gap, eliminating salary disproportions, and motivating each and every employee to progress are, among many others, actions that we implement to unlock the full potential of inclusive workplace culture. We believe that treating candidates and employees equally has a direct impact on the company’s growth.


In our book, transparency is a crucial component of sustaining a common goal. It simply delivers better results. We aim to involve every team member in the decision-making process. Exchanging thoughts and ideas consistently builds mutual trust and therefore helps to fulfill our vision.


We see effective communication as the most powerful tool there is. It is the key aspect of delivering the best solution to our customers whom we treat as partners in conversation. We actively take steps to improve our communication skills to understand our customers’ and employees’ needs.