Digital enterprise supported by Hitachi


Hitachi’s solutions address the rapidly changing demands of enterprise digitisation, further accelerated by new forms of remote work associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need to adapt work environments, processes and infrastructure for business continuity purposes.

Key areas of the digital enterprise and the benefits of supporting them using Hitachi solutions include:

  • SEAL – digital enterprise information flow (paperless)
  • HCP Anywhere – digital two-way communication with clients and business partners
  • HCP + HCPortal – all documents requiring long term storage placed on the “Durable Medium” platform compliant with regulatory and GDPR requirements.
  • A combination of the above – automation of key processes for the enterprise (i.e. client onboarding, electronic signature, consent process, data lifecycle from creation through security to digital erasure).

To this end, we use the very broad portfolio of Hitachi solutions:

  • Object disk arrays for secure data storage in compliance with legal regulations.
  • The most modern and efficient disk arrays that guarantee reliability based on the only “100% data access guarantee” on the market.
  • Cost-effective data storage and protection through the use of data reduction technologies such as compression and deduplication.
  • A platform for digital communication with the client and a two-way content exchange based on Hitachi solutions – HCPortal and HCPAnywhere.

As shown by data collected by PwC and Gartner, one of the most serious challenges faced by enterprises in the era of digitisation is efficient and cost-effective information flow. Statistics show that up to 60% of employees spend at least an hour of their time re-creating a document that already exists in the organisation. And qualified professionals spend up to 50% of their time searching for relevant documents and up to 15% of their time studying them.