Salesforce implementation

Basic application configuration

Salesforce implementation – Limitless Technologies services



Quick implementation and launch

Standard implementations are a perfect solution for small and medium-sized companies that want to automate specific activities without investing in the configuration of a larger number of applications. We offer quick and simplified implementations – they are the essence of the best deployments and practices that will help you become an industry leader.

First steps

Work on a new project begins with a one-day analytical workshop – by learning the needs of your company and the challenges it faces, we identify the areas for improvement, while you discover the power of Salesforce solutions. The next step is to configure the tools, taking into account the conclusions we reached during the discussion. After a few days, a test instance is created. You can test it extensively, then accept it and start working with Salesforce.


We provide you with a team of experts, consultants and specialists who will gladly answer all your questions and help you solve current problems.

  • Dedicated to small and medium enterprises.
  • One-day training with the client.
  • Quick configuration of the selected implementations.
  • Immediate launch of the implemented system.

Use quick implementations for non-standard activities and stay ahead of the competition!

  • Dedicated solutions for enterprises.
  • Two-week iteration cycle for projects.
  • Comprehensive testing of the solutions developed.



The power of SaaS in all its glory

Large enterprises need unconventional solutions, which translates into more complex implementations. Non-standard implementations are a tactic in the battle against your biggest competitors – together with Salesforce we will prepare you for these struggles!

First steps

It all starts with a word – this is how we clarify the methods of supporting the growth of your enterprise based on Salesforce solutions. We assume that your company will implement more than one application; therefore, the analytical workshops will last at least two days. A big project means a considerable challenge and a large team ready to start working on it – we will stay in constant contact with you to ensure that the introduction to the implemented system goes smoothly and the solutions fully match your expectations. Precise analysis, as well as specific, tailored solutions and quick implementations – that’s how we work!


A dedicated team of experts will take care of every detail of the planned implementation while staying in touch with you. During the tests, you will have an insight into the solutions developed, thus having a real impact on the final shape of our work.



We will integrate the solutions you’re using

Synchronisation of external tools

Diversified business processes usually mean one thing – many tools on several platforms. In this situation, you can constantly switch between the necessary platforms, or have them synchronised with the Salesforce tools ecosystem and combine the competencies of the development and business teams. Spend the saved time on developing your business and leave the rest to us.

Who is it for?

For companies operating on various systems and platforms that wish to automate processes and integrate the available resources.


Increasing the company's operational efficiency.

Reducing the time needed to support various platforms.

Fast data exchange between integrated systems.

Accelerating the business decision-making process.

Example integrations: marketing tools, online stores, e-commerce tools and ERP systems.